Anabela Aurora (Ana Healings) – Natural Healer

As a little girl Anabela Aurora always had an innate affinity with plants and nature. Her grandmother nurtured this part of her, teaching her how to make natural herbal remedies, and this grounding in plant based medicine from a young age played a large part in determining Ana’s path into naturopathy as an adult. As a child it was also clear that Ana possessed unique abilities as a channel and spirit guide, and this combination of gifts parlayed her into a career as a healer. Ana’s greatest joy is helping others experience growth and happiness through the aid of natural therapies.

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Essentially Glowing with E-Oil Alchemy

When the significant other recently set off for another three months at sea I was feeling a little down in the dumps. In this situation I usually wallow in self-pity for a few days before I get on with it and re-establish a semblance of routine. Luckily this time round I had the foresight to plan ahead for my melancholy, and booked in to treat myself to the E-Oil Alchemy Essential Glow one-day retreat. It was to be a day of ultimate self care, and my spirits were lifted just thinking about it.

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Puriti – A Catalyst for Change

Borne from a Personal Journey to Wellness

Psoriasis, heart palpitations and fluctuating weight issues. These were just some of the outward symptoms that manifested from the stress and pressure of Deborah Delaney’s career as a successful broker in fast paced London. Deciding a drastic change was needed to get her health back on track, she packed up her life in England and embarked on an overseas adventure with her two children in tow. Finally settling in Phuket, Deborah immersed herself in studying Thai herbs and ancient healing remedies under the tutelage of Master Lew, a 91-year-old Thai Chinese herbalist. Slowly her health returned through the use of herbs, raw foods and juicing, and her body regenerated to a healthier, leaner and fitter state.

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Mindset Training with Jodie Tielbeke

Did you know you have 60-80,000 thoughts every single day? Whether these are positive or pessimistic, that’s a lot of action going on between your ears’ that isn’t visible to the naked eye. If you’re like me it’s very easy to dwell on the negative sometimes. I’ve been noticing a tendency to worry lately, even though I’m well aware that worry doesn’t help any situation.

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My 4-Day ‘Dynamic Detox’ with CleanBreaks

Over the years I’ve done many different detoxes, including the ‘Master Cleanse’ (I lasted 3 days on essentially lemon juice and maple syrup), a 5-day juice and nut milk only detox (I lasted 3 days before I couldn’t face another liquid meal), colon cleanse powders, and various detox supplements. Nothing had any profound results other than making me utterly unbearable to be around.

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Can’t Fall Asleep? Try These 5 Natural Remedies

I’ve always been one of those ‘sleep anywhere at anytime’ type of people, however lately I’ve been struggling to nod off and it’s no fun at all. Instead of counting sheep I took to my laptop (which I discovered is not a good thing to do when trying to catch some zz’s – hello blue light!) and started researching natural ways to get a better nights shuteye.

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The Healing Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

When I was a child my grandmother had a giant aloe vera plant outside her front doorstep. At any sign of a burn or skin problem she would cut off a piece of the plant, split it with a knife and smear the gel all over the affected area leaving me sticky until my next bath. The cooling sensation was immediately soothing, and most of us have used some form of aloe vera topically in the same way before.

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10 Reasons To Add Bee Pollen To Your Diet

You may see these little golden crunchy granules garnishing your instagram worthy smoothies and salads at healthy cafes, but were you aware that they are a real nutritional powerhouse? In fact bee pollen contains almost all of the nutrients required by the human body to thrive!

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Bodywork with Tahona Santana

Awakening Your Body’s Intelligence

‘Bodywork’ has become a bit of a buzzword on the health and wellbeing scene, but what exactly is it? Falling under the alternative medicine umbrella, and incorporating both touch and non-touch modalities, we were eager to learn more about this growing trend. We went straight to the source by contacting Tahona Santana. Tahona practices bodywork here on the island utilising the Grinberg Method, and has glowing testimonials from her clients who have experienced major transformations at her skilled hands.

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Why you Should Have Succulents in Your Home

There’s something about having flowers and plants in your home that adds to that ‘spring has sprung’ feeling. If you’re anything like me however, keeping houseplants alive is not a forté. Well I have the solution! As well as being super stylish succulents are notoriously difficult to kill making them a great, easy care accent to your home. Succulents survive dry indoor environments thanks to special adaptations – fleshy leaves, thick stems or enlarged roots that allow the plants to hoard water. But apart from being very hardy and nice to look at, placing a few succulents around your abode can actually have some surprising health benefits.

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Hot and Sexy

Last year, almost every one of my single friends attracted what appears to be the partner of their dreams. These people are very unique people, most of them are very academically accomplished, some have Master’s qualifications, from places like Yale and there are even some PhD’s in the mix too.

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Yoga with Sarah Elfvin

Would you believe when I was younger I had an issue with savasana? It seems reprehensible I know, but I would honestly dread this ‘relaxation time’ at the end of yoga because it meant I had to try and pack up my things and duck out to the car without drawing attention to myself. I tried to lie through the ‘corpse pose’ time and time again but it made me feel physically ill. I’m serious. Nausea and headaches. My mother was convinced it was my “toxins getting a good stir up” from the yoga practice. I decided yoga just wasn’t ‘physical’ enough for me and threw myself into the much sweatier pursuits of boxing, netball, and gym sessions.

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Much Ado About Matcha

No doubt you’ve heard of the frothy, green concoction that is matcha tea. So much so that you might have jumped on the matcha bandwagon quite some time ago, only to have jumped off in favour of this months latest green drink craze (celery juice anyone?). But I’m here to encourage you to pick your matcha habit back up again and make it a lasting one!

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How to Beat a Cold in 24 Hours

We all know how it starts. A familiar tickle in the throat, a slight sniffle, reaching for an extra sweater because you’re feeling the winter chill more than usual. This is about the time I bunker down in bed with a Netflix series and a box of tissues at the ready. I accept that my fate for the next week is to be miserable and unproductive while I fondly remember the good ol’ days when my nostrils were clear and a hammer hadn’t taken up residence at the back of my head.

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Is Rolfing the Answer to your Chronic Pain?

I love Oprah. I mean who doesn’t? It’s because of Oprah that I’d had actually had a very brief introduction to Rolfing by way of a Dr. Oz special where he partook in a Rolfing treatment live on stage. However that was circa 2010 and my memory on the practice was very fuzzy at best. But of course if it’s on Oprah it must be a winner, so I had no qualms about trying this unique therapy as part of my endeavour to release my neck and back muscles that have been tight for nearly two years.

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Could Physiotherapy be Just What you Need?

For going on five years I’ve had this weird thing happening with my left knee. Every time I bend it to climb stairs or squat down in any way, it makes this horrendous crunching sound. There’s no pain accompanying the sound, but it’s very unnerving to hear I can assure you! What have I done about it? Well to tell you the truth my solution thus far has been to turn up the headphones, talk a little louder, or simply just ignore it. Not the most proactive approach.

Now that I’m a bit older and wiser I thought I should probably get it looked at, and hope like hell that I haven’t caused years of irreversible damage by leaving it so long. So off I went to visit Lauren Rigg at Mallorca Physiotherapy to see what the prognosis was.

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Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Do you find your mood and energy levels slump as autumn sets in, and continues on through the winter months? Perhaps you just put it down to the winter blues and suffer through it. You’re not alone. This type of depression is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and is not at all uncommon. Let’s take a look at why we feel this way, and a few things we can do to reduce the SAD symptoms.

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What is Naprapathy?

Since the age of about 14 I can remember having problems with my back. I’ve never been entirely sure why, perhaps being over exuberant in my sporting pursuits, perhaps poor posture (maybe both) but I have memories of lying in bed as a teenager unable to turn my head with tears streaming down my face. At that age my mother was always sending me off to various specialists in the hope of getting it sorted. For that reason I would say I’m fairly well versed in most of the treatment modalities used for back and neck pain.

This is why I was somewhat surprised when I was recommended a naprapathy treatment, having never heard the word in my life. Naprapathy? What could it be? I was willing to give anything a whirl, considering I had been doing a bit too much laptop work (from my actual lap on the couch which is never a good idea) and my neck was definitely complaining about it.

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Autumn Mallorca

Aligning with the Seasons This Autumn

In western cultures we don’t usually give too much conscious thought to changing our lifestyle and thoughts to align with the seasons, although we may naturally shift our behaviours and patterns to accommodate the change in weather. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) however believes that the best way to stay healthy is to learn about the nature of each season, and live in harmony with its spirit.

So what does that mean for autumn? In TCM autumn signifies the change to the ‘yin’ season, as we shift to less than 12 hours daylight. Nature is slowing down and contracting, and for us we tend to move inwards also. We tend to reflect more, enjoying quiet time, and traditionally we would harvest what was planted in spring, preserving for the cooler months ahead.

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Santanyi Women’s Self-Growth and Spirituality Circle

The clink of glasses…the cacophony of laughter…warm smiles…the tentative ones too…first encounters…whiffs of smoke…conversation…titillation…flirtation…silences dotted throughout…

As an expatriate on Mallorca, there is nothing that brings you face to face with your self-confidence and social ease more quickly than the *stories of the characters* in a new environment, as they begin to unfold.

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healthy skin

The Benefits of a Skin Care Regime

One of the clear messages in all of my beauty workshops is – the intention to practice a skin care regime is hugely beneficial to our personal well-being. All self-care regimes are beneficial and one that pays attention to the skin on your face can offer insight and well-being on lots of levels, here’s why…

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6 Ways to Boost your Immunity Before the Colder Weather Hits

While the temperatures are still up there, there’s no doubt there’s a shift in the air signalling the arrival of autumn. As the seasons change we can often find ourselves blindsided by a dose of the sniffles, which is never fun. We’re going to give you a few handy tips to build up that immunity and give you a fighting chance of avoiding the dreaded lurgy!

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sound healing

The Lowdown on Sound Healing

What is sound healing?

Us humans use sound and music in a huge variety of ways, from entertaining and celebrating, to expressing and communicating. Even heading out for a leisurely stroll can be made that much more enjoyable when listening to upbeat music, and everyone knows how much a kick-ass soundtrack can boost your performance during a work out.

So if sound and music can stir so many emotions and even physical reactions (who else gets a dopamine surge and goose bumps when a favourite song comes on?), then it’s not a far leap to believe that sound can actually trigger healing in the body.

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5 Ways Reflexology can Help your Body

What is reflexology?

For thousands of years many cultures have considered the feet to be an important link to various organs and glands of the body, performing reflexology to treat many different afflictions and diseases. More than just a foot massage, reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet (or hands and ears) to activate the body’s own healing processes in different body zones.

So in what ways can reflexology benefit you? Here are a few reasons to book in a session (besides the allure of simply getting a good foot rub!)

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Where to ‘Retreat’ in Mallorca

Living on our beautiful island in the Mediterranean you’d think we have very little to stress about, but even here in Mallorca the daily grind can get the best of us!

What better way to find balance again then by taking part in a gorgeous retreat? The island has many on offer, and we’re excited to share some of Nourish’s favourites with you.

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Exercise for Weight Loss?

This may seem strange coming from someone that makes people exercise for a living BUT, exercising as a weight loss strategy is a losing battle, and this has never been more apparent to me than now that I have started running.

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Mila.J & Co

Meeting Mila.J & Co

After instantly falling in love with our pair of Mila.J leggings, we were intrigued to meet and find out more about creator Samantha Broughton’s ultra-cool, comfortable and inspiring new clothing brand.

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Yin Yoga

An antidote for modern living

There is a old and wise and saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” When I was a dedicated and energetic yoga practitioner in my early 30s, I thought I ‘got’ yoga – after all I had been practicing hatha and ashtanga yoga for some years, had read Autobiography of a Yogi, knew the asanas in sanskrit and felt like I was on the verge of invincible.

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Ayurveda in Daily Life

No matter where we live in the world, we all navigate the demands of work, family and our environment on a daily basis. One of the simplest and greatest gifts that the 5000 year old science of Ayurveda offers an invitation to look closely at our daily routine. In Ayurveda, daily routines are called dinacharya which translates as ‘Dina’ meaning day or flow and ‘charya’, practices.

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Wild Azure

Wise Words from Wild Azur

After using the gorgeous Wild Azur products for the last few months, we wanted to find out who and what was behind the 100% natural creams and serums. We sat down with Clare, the creator of the Wild Azur natural beauty brand to find out all about her nourishing products and what makes them so unique, totally ethical and totally effective.
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8 Ways To Beat The Bloat

I hear this question time and time again.  Tummy issues, food intolerances, constipation and feeling bloated are the new social norm because the symptoms are so common! How many times have you thought about what to wear to hide your “food belly”? Or that feeling like your pants have suddenly become 2 sizes smaller after dinner?

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Be Kind and Rewind

We’ve all been there. Those times when you have so much on your plate that you just can’t seem to see how you are going to fit it all in. Then you jump from one task to the next just to find that you haven’t completed much of anything. This is life.

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black and white cows in dutch meadow with blue sky

Meat-less March

The Meatless Monday movement is an easy, weekly reminder to take saturated fat off our plates and replace it with nutrient-rich fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains.

Following on from last month, I will focus on how making a slight change to our eating habits can not only impact our health, but also impact our planet – in a really BIG way.

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My Root Canal Story

Did you know that each one of your teeth is related to a meridian which is connected to various organs, tissues and glands in your body? (A meridian is a bio-energetic flow to the internal organs associated with that tooth [1]

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12 Hugs A Day To Keep The Doctor Away

There are few times in life when we feel inspired.  I mean really inspired.  Inspired enough to make a life change, habit change, relationship change or take the path less often traveled.  Often, we become so wrapped up in life we forget about the small details. Can something as simple as a hug make all the difference to your health, happiness and wellbeing?

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The Optimal Health Method

Environmental Conditioning-Learning to love the cold

As humans, we are the only animals that change our environment instead of adapting to it.  As soon as it gets a little cold we put on extra layers of clothing and turn up the heating in our cars and homes. Essentially this is disconnecting ourselves from nature and its cycles.  We live in an eternal summer “protected” from the winter elements. But can we condition ourselves to the environment and learn to love the cold?

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Self Care

8 Easy Self Care Practices Anyone Can Do

Self-care is our most basic need but we spend so much time worrying about anything and everything that we often forget to give ourselves a second thought. Let’s face it. Unless you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of the people you love.

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Gut health

Are you feeding your microbiome?

Daylight savings is just one of the changes that can bring you down slightly. Like me, if you suffer  from that sluggish, unenthused feeling when the days get shorter and colder, enjoying and incorporating certain foods in your diet during these times can be a way to help change your mental state of mind and wellbeing.

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Pick me ups for the Mallorcan Fall

Pick me ups for the Mallorcan Fall – The Best Natural Cold Cures

Your home is no longer a hostel, the Palma to Alcudia road isn’t jammed with tourists and the air now smells of wood burners not sweat – Fall in Mallorca is here! And, so is cold and flu season. Before you start inhaling your own body weight in decongestants and pumping your body with wretched antibiotics, we grab a chat with Mallorca based health expert Melanie Mack and talk cold cures and immune boosters!

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Mallorca – the perfect location for your retreat, but shhhhh don’t tell everyone!

This year will be the forth year that I’ve been running my Pilates and nutrition retreats on the island and each time I come back I fall in love a little bit more. As a teenager I’d had family holidays to the Balearics but it wasn’t until I returned for my first retreat to Deia with Bloom Retreats that I truly appreciated how special this island is.

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clean water

How to drink enough clean water every day

As a nurse, naturopath and nutritionist, my greatest discovery this decade has been water. It sounds ridiculous that the answer I have been searching for all these years was right in front of my nose.

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Live life to the full with a water-resistant plaster cast

Swimming, bathing and showering with a plaster cast

If you’ve ever broken your arm or leg, you’ll know that wearing a plaster cast is inconvenient. Conventional plaster casts are extremely heavy and cannot come into contact with water, making it difficult to have a bath or shower because you have to avoid getting the cast wet.
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Yimas and Yamas

Improve your life with the Yamas and Niyamas

When you think of yoga, what comes to mind? For many in the West, yoga is now synonymous with the physical practice, but it can be so much more than that. When we look beyond the asanas and take our yoga off the mat and into our daily lives, we can open ourselves up to a more fulfilling life.
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Vegan Day Out

Vegan Day Out II

You are all invited to Mallorca’s biggest vegan festival!

Don’t miss Vegan Day Out II  next Saturday the 26th of August.

Scott Adams held the first festival in July this summer and it was a huge success. So much so that he decided to organise another!

Expected to be bigger and better than the first, we asked Scott to fill us in with all of the exciting details!

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boost your energy

How to boost your energy to live a longer, happier life

Boost your energy

We are like a jigsaw puzzle, composed of lots of different pieces that all interlock to work synergistically. When each piece fits perfectly, we function optimally. We have tons of energy; we are able to participate and excel in sports, we think clearly, we spring out of bed early in the morning, raring to start the day.

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The benefits of yoga and meditation for stress reduction

The benefits of Yoga and Meditation for stress reduction

Stress is a major problem in the challenging, fast-paced and fast-changing times in which we live. Reducing stress will improve your mood, increase your energy, uplift your spirit and enable you to just feel good – this overview will show you how yoga and meditation can help you to reduce your stress levels and achieve a greater sense of well being.

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View of Cala des Moro beach and its azure blue water

The benefits of salt water

The benefits of salt water – how can a swim in the sea boost your health? Here in Mallorca, we are fortunate to have a gorgeous expanse of ocean right on our doorstep and, thanks to a wonderful climate, we have the freedom to dip in for a swim or simply soak our feet at almost any time during the year

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Woman doing yoga

The Power of Stillness

“When there is silence one finds the anchor of the universe within oneself” – Laozi

As I sit down to write, it is less than two weeks until my wedding day. To say things are hectic is an understatement.

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