Live life to the full with a water-resistant plaster cast

Swimming, bathing and showering with a plaster cast

If you’ve ever broken your arm or leg, you’ll know that wearing a plaster cast is inconvenient. Conventional plaster casts are extremely heavy and cannot come into contact with water, making it difficult to have a bath or shower because you have to avoid getting the cast wet.
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Yimas and Yamas

Improve your life with the Yamas and Niyamas

When you think of yoga, what comes to mind? For many in the West, yoga is now synonymous with the physical practice, but it can be so much more than that. When we look beyond the asanas and take our yoga off the mat and into our daily lives, we can open ourselves up to a more fulfilling life.
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plant-based food

How to enjoy more plant-based food every day

Plant-based food

As a raw plant-based food chef onboard a racer cruiser, the best thing I can do for my crew is to make sure they eat the best wholefoods possible. I try to keep the food healthy and interesting for them, working around any allergies.

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Vegan Day Out

Vegan Day Out II

You are all invited to Mallorca’s biggest vegan festival!

Don’t miss Vegan Day Out II  next Saturday the 26th of August.

Scott Adams held the first festival in July this summer and it was a huge success. So much so that he decided to organise another!

Expected to be bigger and better than the first, we asked Scott to fill us in with all of the exciting details!

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boost your energy

How to boost your energy to live a longer, happier life

Boost your energy

We are like a jigsaw puzzle, composed of lots of different pieces that all interlock to work synergistically. When each piece fits perfectly, we function optimally. We have tons of energy; we are able to participate and excel in sports, we think clearly, we spring out of bed early in the morning, raring to start the day.

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