Personal Training with Johanna Janik

As I arrive at Johanna Janik’s personal training studio in Marratxi (just out of Palma) she’s at the door welcoming me with double high fives. This woman is radiating vitality and I immediately feel my own energy levels rise in her presence. I have come to see Johanna for a personal training session as a kick-start after several months of zero deliberate exercise and general laziness (otherwise known as summer). First impressions tell me I have picked the right person to sort me out!

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EastSide Pilates

When Bobbie Bixler first set foot in a Reformer Pilates studio in Auckland, New Zealand in 1999 she was very close to turning on her heels and walking straight back out. The studio was swarming with graceful ballet dancers, who were using Pilates practice to further hone their lithe, agile physiques. They presented quite an intimidating welcoming.

Not as commonplace as it is now, Pilates hadn’t quite hit the mainstream back then, however Bobbie stuck to her guns, completed the class and never looked back. She quickly became hooked on Pilates, specifically the reformer machine, and the way her body felt from regular practice. It was the perfect antidote to a physically challenging career working on super yachts.

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Twilight Yoga…on a Stand Up Paddleboard!

I like yoga, and I like SUP boarding (Stand-Up Paddle boarding if you don’t know the lingo). Why should they be mutually exclusive activities? Because images of me toppling face first into the Mediterranean Ocean tell me they should. However, I’m all for a challenge so when a friend told me her fantastic yoga teachers had branched out and jumped on-board (pun intended) the yoga SUP craze for the summer I was willing to give it a good go.

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27th Volta Sa Dragonera in Canoe and SUP board

The distance travelled is approximately 12km, which requires some physical preparation and skill in the handling of the canoe. There is the option of doing the Sant Elm to Puerto de Dragonera route (5 km) for the uninitiated.
Being a non-competitive test, the start will last 20 minutes from the moment the horn sounds to start the race. Once that time has passed, no paddler can join Sa Volta. Continue Reading…

Yoga with Sarah Elfvin

Would you believe when I was younger I had an issue with savasana? It seems reprehensible I know, but I would honestly dread this ‘relaxation time’ at the end of yoga because it meant I had to try and pack up my things and duck out to the car without drawing attention to myself. I tried to lie through the ‘corpse pose’ time and time again but it made me feel physically ill. I’m serious. Nausea and headaches. My mother was convinced it was my “toxins getting a good stir up” from the yoga practice. I decided yoga just wasn’t ‘physical’ enough for me and threw myself into the much sweatier pursuits of boxing, netball, and gym sessions.

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Functional Movement 101

I first heard the term ‘functional movement’ over ten years ago while interning at a health retreat in Australia’s Gold Coast hinterland. Every morning the guests at the retreat would sit down to a health seminar on various aspects of optimal living, and ‘functional movement’ had a whole session devoted to it so I figured it must be a key concept I should pay attention to, and rightly so!

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3rd ‘6Points’ Charity Cycling Challenge

6Points Mallorca starts and ends at Caló d’en Pellicer, the small beach in Santa Ponsa, and travels to the extremities of the four compass points of Mallorca (north – Cap Formentor, south – Cap de Ses Salines, west – St Elm and east – Cala Ratjada) and to the highest (Puig Major) and lowest points (Santa Ponsa beach) on tarred roads in three days, covering over 400km and climbing over 7500m. Continue Reading…

Spartan Race Mallorca 2019

The Spartan Sprint: It’s our shortest race. It is perfect for athletes of all levels; from first-time Spartans to regular runners. This 5km Sprint may be the shortest distance, but includes 20 of our most representative obstacles. If you think you can’t do it, you’re wrong! Come to the starting line to see what you are capable of. Be prepared for the unexpected.  Continue Reading…

Nourish the Guide

Trail Running II CXM SERRA NORD 2019

Route of 44km and 1850m+ of positive altitude departing from Sóller, urban stretch to Biniaraix, GR221 to Font del Noguer (first supply), we will continue along GR221 (the channel, Coll dels Coloms, Font des Prat, Coll des Prat, Coll del Telègraf, Coll del Galileu, Houses Galileu snow, Voltes del Galileu, Son Masip, (Escorca car park), urban stretch of Escora and square, we will leave towards the GR221 (Refugi de Son Amer, Coll Pelat, Binifaldó, Muntanya, gravel), there we will continue by asphalt to the pine of Son Grua, section of Gr221 parallel to the torrent and local roads to Pollença, urban section to the main square of Pollença.
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Free Your Sole!

“The more our bodies are strangers to us the more we remain strangers to life.” – Carol Bernstein and Therese Bertherat (The Body Has Its Reasons: Self-Awareness Through Conscious Movement)

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Time For A Challenge

There is only a week to go until the Mallorca312 and the training I have been doing has transformed me as a cyclist. I moved out to Mallorca six months ago after falling in love with cycling in the mountains.

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Spartan Race

Spartan Race Mallorca

The Spartan Race is a true test of agility, strength and endurance. It incorporates every kind of human movement including crawling, climbing, carrying, dragging, lifting. Your agility is tested with balancing, throwing and swinging, as well as overall tests of strength, endurance and mental fortitude.

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8 reasons to exercise and age gracefully

You can slather on all the night creams and vitamin C serums in the world, but keeping your body looking and feeling young starts with your lifestyle. Eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, and of course exercising the right way are crucial elements to aging gracefully.
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Children cycling in Mallorca

Mallorca-A Cycling Paradise for Children

Children love cycling – it’s fun, and it’s fast and gives them a sense of freedom and independence. Cycling is fantastic for your children – once you have torn them away from their games console, it helps them get a large piece of their recommended 60 minutes of physical activity per day.

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Speedfitness Intelligent Fitness

Intelligent Fitness

The Speedfitness studio in Bendinat in Calvia is not like any other gym I have ever been in. It smells far better for a start, there’s no one grunting or sweating, there’s no gym bore hanging around trying to tell me what I’m doing wrong, and there’s no irritating music or day time television.

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Fall in Love with your life by exercising in nature

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks…and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.” – John Muir

Whether you’re suffering from a low mood, anxiety or depression or if you’re experiencing the heartbreak of losing someone you loved, running or walking outdoors in a natural setting can help you feel better in many ways.

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How To Benefit More From Exercise As You Age

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to lose weight. This is partially due to the inevitable changes in our hormones. As we get older, a myriad of problems with our hormones can arise, including menopause, oestrogen dominance and a decline in our fat burning hormones.

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Woman running

Natural Running – learning to enjoy, not endure

Many people will tell you that running hurts, and they are right!

With reports stating that around 80% of runners will suffer from a running-related injury at some point, you could be forgiven for questioning whether running is something that people do as a form of punishment, to work off over indulgence, or to counterbalance being sedentary for much of their day. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

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