My Root Canal Story

Did you know that each one of your teeth is related to a meridian which is connected to various organs, tissues and glands in your body? (A meridian is a bio-energetic flow to the internal organs associated with that tooth [1]

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8 reasons to exercise and age gracefully

You can slather on all the night creams and vitamin C serums in the world, but keeping your body looking and feeling young starts with your lifestyle. Eating the right foods, getting enough sleep, and of course exercising the right way are crucial elements to aging gracefully.
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Vegan vegetarian

How to Optimize your Diet as a Vegan or Vegetarian

Plant-based diets can be beneficial for your health. Vegan and vegetarian eating is becoming a way of life for many.  No matter your age or reason to stop eating animal products, it is important to make sure that you’re getting enough protein, iron, and B vitamins and sustaining a nutrient dense diet.

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healthy food for children

Healthy food choices for our children

My kids love ‘family dinners.’ We don’t get the chance to sit down together every night, but when we we do, my six year old will happily lay the table in preparation. He loves that we are all eating together. I love this to, and even more so because most of the time my children enjoy eating healthy food.  Perfect for me as I don’t have to prepare a separate ‘kids’ and ‘adults’ meal! At home, what we eat and put into our bodies is in our control. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but feel satisfied when the veggies are going down as fast as ice cream!

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12 Hugs A Day To Keep The Doctor Away

There are few times in life when we feel inspired.  I mean really inspired.  Inspired enough to make a life change, habit change, relationship change or take the path less often traveled.  Often, we become so wrapped up in life we forget about the small details. Can something as simple as a hug make all the difference to your health, happiness and wellbeing?

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The Optimal Health Method

Environmental Conditioning-Learning to love the cold

As humans, we are the only animals that change our environment instead of adapting to it.  As soon as it gets a little cold we put on extra layers of clothing and turn up the heating in our cars and homes. Essentially this is disconnecting ourselves from nature and its cycles.  We live in an eternal summer “protected” from the winter elements. But can we condition ourselves to the environment and learn to love the cold?

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Self Care

8 Easy Self Care Practices Anyone Can Do

Self-care is our most basic need but we spend so much time worrying about anything and everything that we often forget to give ourselves a second thought. Let’s face it. Unless you take care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of the people you love.

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Mallorca Hello February!

Hello February!

We can’t believe we are already a month into 2018! Although belated, we hope that you have been having a happy and nourishing start to the year.

We enjoyed some time out over Christmas and have returned to Mallorca feeling revitalized and ready for a busy and exciting year. We feel very lucky to come back to an island filled with bright blue skies, beautiful blossom and a growing community that we love.

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