5 Ways Reflexology can Help your Body

What is reflexology?

For thousands of years many cultures have considered the feet to be an important link to various organs and glands of the body, performing reflexology to treat many different afflictions and diseases. More than just a foot massage, reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet (or hands and ears) to activate the body’s own healing processes in different body zones.

So in what ways can reflexology benefit you? Here are a few reasons to book in a session (besides the allure of simply getting a good foot rub!)

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5 Nourishing Waters to Keep you Hydrated in the Heat

This heat in Mallorca at the moment is not only exhausting but very dehydrating!

Are you getting bored of drinking water to keep hydrated? It can be tempting to reach for the sugar-laden or alcoholic options to quench that thirst but why not try to nourish your body with flavoured water instead?

Pop to the local market and stock up on herbs and fruit to pep up the water to make it more appealing for you, your family and visitors!

You can freestyle with the 5 suggestions below. All you have to do is add to 1-2 litres of filtered water, chill and enjoy!

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gelato Mallorca

An ‘Il Gelataio’ in Palma

‘Tis the season of ice cream! This month I’m paying tribute to ice cream or to be precise, gelato – Italian ice cream. Though it may not be the most nourishing fuel for our bodies, ice cream is a favourite summer-time treat for kids and adults alike and every now and then there is no harm in indulging in something scrummy!

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Where to ‘Retreat’ in Mallorca

Living on our beautiful island in the Mediterranean you’d think we have very little to stress about, but even here in Mallorca the daily grind can get the best of us!

What better way to find balance again then by taking part in a gorgeous retreat? The island has many on offer, and we’re excited to share some of Nourish’s favourites with you.

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