Nourishing 2018

Adios 2017 Hola 2018

December is an odd time of year for Mallorca residents, expats and in particular yacht crew. Many of us have family far away and some of stay here in Palma and some of us go. Continue Reading…

Gut health

Are you feeding your microbiome?

Daylight savings is just one of the changes that can bring you down slightly. Like me, if you suffer  from that sluggish, unenthused feeling when the days get shorter and colder, enjoying and incorporating certain foods in your diet during these times can be a way to help change your mental state of mind and wellbeing.

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Speedfitness Intelligent Fitness

Intelligent Fitness

The Speedfitness studio in Bendinat in Calvia is not like any other gym I have ever been in. It smells far better for a start, there’s no one grunting or sweating, there’s no gym bore hanging around trying to tell me what I’m doing wrong, and there’s no irritating music or day time television.

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