DIY Reflexology Techniques For Kids

I was intrigued ever since I met Diana Mira, my reflexologist in Mallorca. How did this therapy work? How was she able to home in on the parts of my body that were not functioning as well as possible through massaging my feet? How could these techniques help to soothe typical childhood ailments? Initially, I just thought the whole point of it was for relaxation but I was wrong. The benefits of reflexology extend beyond the mere pleasure of a foot rub!

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Wild Azure

Wise Words from Wild Azur

After using the gorgeous Wild Azur products for the last few months, we wanted to find out who and what was behind the 100% natural creams and serums. We sat down with Clare, the creator of the Wild Azur natural beauty brand to find out all about her nourishing products and what makes them so unique, totally ethical and totally effective.
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Time For A Challenge

There is only a week to go until the Mallorca312 and the training I have been doing has transformed me as a cyclist. I moved out to Mallorca six months ago after falling in love with cycling in the mountains.

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Simple Smart Food Bar

Not Just Another Juice Bar

It’s true that the smartest solution to a challenge is often the simplest. If your challenge is finding something fresh, healthy, and sustaining when you’re out – without visiting a restaurant – Simple Smart Food lives up to its name.

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8 Ways To Beat The Bloat

I hear this question time and time again.  Tummy issues, food intolerances, constipation and feeling bloated are the new social norm because the symptoms are so common! How many times have you thought about what to wear to hide your “food belly”? Or that feeling like your pants have suddenly become 2 sizes smaller after dinner?

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