Eating seasonally in Mallorca

How to Eat With the Season In Mallorca

How lucky are we to live on this little Balearic island and feel the forceful beauty of each season?

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Pick me ups for the Mallorcan Fall

Pick me ups for the Mallorcan Fall – The Best Natural Cold Cures

Your home is no longer a hostel, the Palma to Alcudia road isn’t jammed with tourists and the air now smells of wood burners not sweat – Fall in Mallorca is here! And, so is cold and flu season. Before you start inhaling your own body weight in decongestants and pumping your body with wretched antibiotics, we grab a chat with Mallorca based health expert Melanie Mack and talk cold cures and immune boosters!

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Creamy Polenta Breakfast

One of my all time favourite  moments on my retreats is breakfast. After getting up and going into an invigorating qi gong or yoga class, you come out buzzing with energy and a healthy glow feeling genuinely hungry.

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Drinking safe water in Mallorca

Soulful Santanyi

Traveling further east, this month’s spotlight shines on a town known for it’s rich and lively Wednesday and Saturday markets – Santanyi. With many German café menus and staff, it would be easy to pass Santanyi off as a tourist town and miss out on it’s colourful artistic and cultural offerings.

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