10 Reasons To Add Bee Pollen To Your Diet

You may see these little golden crunchy granules garnishing your instagram worthy smoothies and salads at healthy cafes, but were you aware that they are a real nutritional powerhouse? In fact bee pollen contains almost all of the nutrients required by the human body to thrive!

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Bodywork with Tahona Santana

Awakening Your Body’s Intelligence

‘Bodywork’ has become a bit of a buzzword on the health and wellbeing scene, but what exactly is it? Falling under the alternative medicine umbrella, and incorporating both touch and non-touch modalities, we were eager to learn more about this growing trend. We went straight to the source by contacting Tahona Santana. Tahona practices bodywork here on the island utilising the Grinberg Method, and has glowing testimonials from her clients who have experienced major transformations at her skilled hands.

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Curious About Cosmocure

1. Can you describe how Cosmocure first came about and where the idea came from?

Nikola Tesla used science to prove that humans are energy. Scientist and inventor Dr. Georges Lakhovsky, created a simple antenna to capture the natural ambient energy.

Fascinated by the work of Tesla and Lakhovsky, Dr. Dino Tomić gathered his team of doctors and engineers to study the equipment used by the scientists, namely from the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade. The team then redesigned the original antenna in to disc form.

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Why you Should Have Succulents in Your Home

There’s something about having flowers and plants in your home that adds to that ‘spring has sprung’ feeling. If you’re anything like me however, keeping houseplants alive is not a forté. Well I have the solution! As well as being super stylish succulents are notoriously difficult to kill making them a great, easy care accent to your home. Succulents survive dry indoor environments thanks to special adaptations – fleshy leaves, thick stems or enlarged roots that allow the plants to hoard water. But apart from being very hardy and nice to look at, placing a few succulents around your abode can actually have some surprising health benefits.

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Why Emotional Intelligence is Hot and Sexy

Last year, almost every one of my single friends attracted what appears to be the partner of their dreams. These people are very unique people, most of them are very academically accomplished, some have Master’s qualifications, from places like Yale and there are even some PhD’s in the mix too.

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Yoga with Sarah Elfvin

Would you believe when I was younger I had an issue with savasana? It seems reprehensible I know, but I would honestly dread this ‘relaxation time’ at the end of yoga because it meant I had to try and pack up my things and duck out to the car without drawing attention to myself. I tried to lie through the ‘corpse pose’ time and time again but it made me feel physically ill. I’m serious. Nausea and headaches. My mother was convinced it was my “toxins getting a good stir up” from the yoga practice. I decided yoga just wasn’t ‘physical’ enough for me and threw myself into the much sweatier pursuits of boxing, netball, and gym sessions.

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Hello March!

Spring is on it’s way! Finally the island is starting to thaw and we couldn’t be happier or more ready for a little warmth.


It’s the perfect time of year for hiking before the temperatures start to soar in the coming months.
One of our favourite springtime hikes is the circular route from Cala Estreta near Arta in the northeast. This track gives you the benefit of both mountain and jaw dropping coastal views, and you can often even see Menorca in the distance. Stop for a picnic at one of the deserted coves or white sand beaches along the path, then carry on past the 16th century watch tower, Torre d’Albarca, and continue along the coast back to the beginning. The whole trek is about 9km and takes around 3.5 hours start to finish.

For more family fun that will get the body moving try the new Family Class at Choi Kwang Do Mallorca every Saturday morning from 9 March. Choi Kwang Do is the increasingly popular martial art suitable for young and old – a wonderful way to bond with your child with a common goal and interest. As an added bonus all Nourish subscribers will get their first taster class for free, as well as a full dobok (suit) for free! Book your place by emailing info@ckdmallorca.com.


After all that movement and blood pumping perhaps some more restorative activities are in order.
We love to have regular bodywork sessions with Tahona Santana. Whether it be emotional trauma,
an injury, or other physical symptom such as migraines or digestion issues, Tahona will introduce you
to the effectiveness of the Grinberg Method as a means of transformation and healing. Feel the shift as you let go off old patterns and trauma somatised in the body. We highly recommend experiencing one of her beautifully therapeutic massages too!

If chronic pain is something you’ve been dealing with then let us introduce you to Petro Kohut, certified Rolfer at Lucky Bodies and Happy Souls. The practice of Rolfing is a holistic system of bodywork, manipulating the soft tissue (muscles and fascia), and inviting and awakening new movement capacities to effectively realign the body’s structure. Rolfing releases and balances tensions, freeing up the body’s energy to heal effectively. After experiencing rolfing from Petro first hand we can attest to its extraordinary results!


If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway not too far from home then we have the perfect on-island escape for you at Fontsanta Hotel – Thermal Spa and Wellness. Experience their 1-night ‘Special Spring Detox’, which includes a superior terrace double room, breakfast buffet, yoga class, healthy menu (including drinks), access to the thermal circuit (Fontsanta boasts the Balearics only thermal waters), rental car, plus 20% off all spa treatments! Running until 16 April this deal is only €187 per person (minimum 2 people, VAT included). We’ll see you there! Contact info@fontsantahotel.com for more information.

Wishing you a magical March,

Love The Nourish Team.x