Chemical Versus Mineral Sunscreens

Being a New Zealander I live in fear of the sun. We were brought up acutely aware that the ozone hole over our fair country would have you burnt to a crisp within minutes unless you layered on the sunscreen with vigour at the first signs of summer. A few years back however, I started hearing whispers that sunscreen is not all it’s cracked up to be. I had even heard that it may actually CAUSE cancer, which completely negates its purpose! Since then I’ve been in constant turmoil about whether to religiously apply SPF everyday to protect my skin and keep those dreaded wrinkles at bay, or to go chemical free and bare-skinned, and just try to avoid frying myself. What to do!?

Luckily there is an answer, and that answer is mineral sunscreen.

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The Healing Benefits of Drinking Aloe Vera Juice

When I was a child my grandmother had a giant aloe vera plant outside her front doorstep. At any sign of a burn or skin problem she would cut off a piece of the plant, split it with a knife and smear the gel all over the affected area leaving me sticky until my next bath. The cooling sensation was immediately soothing, and most of us have used some form of aloe vera topically in the same way before.

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My Colonic Hydrotherapy Experience

Cleansing from the Inside Out

Describing the details of your colonic hydrotherapy treatment is not the easiest of tasks. In saying that, I feel I would be doing you all a disservice if I didn’t put my bashfulness aside and let you in on something that could change your whole sense of wellbeing.

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Crazy About Collagen

All I seem to be hearing about these days is the wonders of collagen. It’s apparently responsible for lusciously thick hair, strong, healthy nails, glowing, youthful skin, and even balancing hormones. The latest I’ve heard is that studies are now showing a link between collagen supplementation and weight loss! When I scroll through Instagram every influencer worth their salt seems to be touting the benefits of some brand of collagen or another, and even my best friend swears by it after experiencing hair loss and thinning after two pregnancies.

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Fun with Fermentation

Fermentation is “the chemical breakdown of a substance by bacteria, yeasts, or other microorganisms, typically involving effervescence and the giving off, of heat.” The process of fermentation converts compounds, like a carbohydrate, including vegetables and sugar, to carbon dioxide and alcohol to an organic acid.

Fermentation brings out amazing health benefits in certain foods, it helps increase digestion and bioavailability of nutrients, manage and prevent disease, including H. pylori infection, cancer, liver disease, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and lactose intolerance.

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Hello May!

We love this time of year. We’re soaking up the sunshine and vitamin D, and by the months end we will have no doubt had our first dip in the sea for 2019.


Nourish loves the Greenway track between the towns of Manacor and Artà. Greenways (Vias Verdes) are old disused railway lines that have been recovered and reconditioned for use by walkers and cyclists. Ideal for all ages, the track follows a picturesque route including orchards and plantations, a forest of wild olive, Aleppo pine, mastic and rosemary. The route also passes close to the beaches of Cala Millor and Sa Coma. You will find the beginning of the Greenway in the curve of Passeig de Ferrocarril, east of Manacor city. The route ends at the old train station in Artà parallel to the crossing of the Ma-15 (Avinguda Costa i Llobera), south of the town.


If not, now’s your chance with the new Nordic Walking Saludable program. These Nordic Walking initiation sessions are completely free and suitable for all abilities. Nordic Walking is easy to learn and with a host of benefits physiologically, psychologically and socially why not give it a try? In the month of May the program is running on the 11 May at 10am from Centre de Salut Pere Garau, and on the 25 May at 10am at Centre de Salut Son Pisa. Participants are able to borrow the sticks on the day.


Every first Thursday of the month mymuybueno Deli hosts their Women in Business Breakfast. Providing a place for women to meet other women who specifically have their own businesses to share experiences, and to be motivated and inspired. This month’s group topic, will be ‘Chasing Your Dreams- and turning them into Reality’. Special guest Christina Wechsel will share her incredible story of hardship and her unwavering will to survive. You will be amazed all that she has overcome to realise her own dreams. Begins at 8.30am tomorrow!


Our good friends at Asociación Ondine are now operating under a new name and status: Save The Med Foundation. The new name sets the bar high and reflects all that they do for marine regeneration in the Med. They recently celebrated Earth Day with their ‘first’ beach clean under their new name, and welcome you to join their next one on 5 May at Calas de Mallorca.


The breath – our most vital bodily function is so often overlooked and neglected. In our hectic modern lives, our breathing has become ragged, shallow and fast and has been linked to a host of ailments and deficiencies. Leading yoga master Ulrica Norberg travels back in time to the ancient yogic precept of prana (Sanskrit for breathing), describing the four stages of the breath and how these impact the mind and body. Presented by Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls on 6 May at 6.30pm, this lecture is just €12 and you can sign up by phoning Sarah Elfvin on 674085065 or emailing or


In addition to the above Ulrica Norberg is hosting a series of workshops in May that are sure to pique your interest. On 6 May from 12-6pm experience ‘Prana & Pranayama’, a workshop on energy, breath and how one can use to breath to mobilise energy and balance body, mind and spirit. On 7 May from 12-4pm head to ‘Mantras & Mudras’ and learn powerful tools to help you move through challenges more easily and create greater clarity of mind and spirit. On 8 May from 12-4pm ‘Align your Flow – Align your Living’. How do we align the body, mind and spirit? Ulrica will guide you through Vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and meditation.

Sign up for any or all of these workshops at Lucky Bodies & Happy Souls or Earth Yoga. €70 for one, or €180 for all three. The workshops will take place at Earth Yoga in Santa Catalina. Email Sarah at or


Calling all Mums! There are very limited places left on Escapada’s Mummy’s Health Retreat taking place from May 18-21 at the beautiful Escapada finca Ses Set Cases. Enjoy luxury time away combined with integrative medicine, holistic treatments, nourishing nutrition and more. Quote ‘Nourish’ to receive a special rate of just €600 for this 4 day retreat. For more info and to book visit Escapada here.


Enjoy a heart opening Cacao Ceremony and Healing Gong Sound Meditation, followed by a cacao-themed supper at the gorgeous Peopletree villa in the Alaro mountains. A project created by raw/vegan chef Sofia  (@foodosofia) out of her passion for unroasted cacao and raw chocolate, guests will enjoy a five course plant-based Asian inspired menu of grounding and delicious dishes including a refreshing elixir. Sunday, 19 May 2019, 5-8.30pm, bookings essential. Find out more here.

Wishing you a marvellous May,

Love The Nourish Team.x