How To Benefit More From Exercise As You Age

As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult for us to lose weight. This is partially due to the inevitable changes in our hormones. As we get older, a myriad of problems with our hormones can arise, including menopause, oestrogen dominance and a decline in our fat burning hormones.

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Mallorca – the perfect location for your retreat, but shhhhh don’t tell everyone!

This year will be the forth year that I’ve been running my Pilates and nutrition retreats on the island and each time I come back I fall in love a little bit more. As a teenager I’d had family holidays to the Balearics but it wasn’t until I returned for my first retreat to Deia with Bloom Retreats that I truly appreciated how special this island is.

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clean water

How to drink enough clean water every day

As a nurse, naturopath and nutritionist, my greatest discovery this decade has been water. It sounds ridiculous that the answer I have been searching for all these years was right in front of my nose.

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