Winter Walking in Mallorca

Winter is well underway in Mallorca and with the drop in temperature the only disturbance in our pool is the wind, rain or the odd leaf debris. With the balmy summer days over, I love the change in season and with it a change to the outdoor activities we do as a family.

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Glow From Within

Maya Flynn is a qualified functional nutritional therapist, with an integrative approach to diagnosing and treating health issues. Before we even met for my initial consultation, Maya had detected some issues with my diet – from my answers to her nine-page questionnaire, sent in advance.

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Combating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)

Do you find your mood and energy levels slump as autumn sets in, and continues on through the winter months? Perhaps you just put it down to the winter blues and suffer through it. You’re not alone. This type of depression is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), and is not at all uncommon. Let’s take a look at why we feel this way, and a few things we can do to reduce the SAD symptoms.

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The Super-Powered Pomegranate

In November, here in Mallorca the markets and supermarkets are abundant with local pomegranates. Often a cream and pink colour on the outside, yet bursting inside with ruby red seeds (or arils).

They are truly a superfood, and as they are in season now, they are an excellent immune booster as we move into the winter months.  Eating foods in season is so crucial to our health, yet so often forgotten these days.

Pomegranates can simply be sprinkled over meals, juiced or eaten as a snack – beautiful and so nutritious!!

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A dose of Digestion

Digestion is the primary area of dysfunction in the body that impacts all areas of health, even when no apparent digestive symptoms are present. In my experience, other ongoing issues often resolve themselves once the gastro-intestinal tract has been appropriately addressed. After all, we’re not so much what we eat but rather what we can break down and absorb. This is why people who ‘eat well’ can still look and feel unhealthy.

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Nourish Me Retreat

Hello November! Nourish Me Retreat

Hello November!

Brrrrr! How about that cold snap? All this rain doesn’t do too much for our motivation to get out and about, but staying rugged up and cosy indoors can be fun too!

We love eating all the yummy produce of the cooler months in nourishing soups and stews like nutritionist Suzanne Garaty’s delicious Spiced Lentil Soup. We hope you’re enjoying being in hibernation mode too!

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What is Naprapathy?

Since the age of about 14 I can remember having problems with my back. I’ve never been entirely sure why, perhaps being over exuberant in my sporting pursuits, perhaps poor posture (maybe both) but I have memories of lying in bed as a teenager unable to turn my head with tears streaming down my face. At that age my mother was always sending me off to various specialists in the hope of getting it sorted. For that reason I would say I’m fairly well versed in most of the treatment modalities used for back and neck pain.

This is why I was somewhat surprised when I was recommended a naprapathy treatment, having never heard the word in my life. Naprapathy? What could it be? I was willing to give anything a whirl, considering I had been doing a bit too much laptop work (from my actual lap on the couch which is never a good idea) and my neck was definitely complaining about it.

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A Modern Martial Art for everyone

When my children were invited to try out Choi Kwang Do (CKD from here on in), I accepted the offer enthusiastically. I was already a fan of martial arts, having done a little karate myself in my younger years. However, what I didn’t expect upon arrival was to be given the chance to join in too!

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