Mindset Training with Jodie Tielbeke

Did you know you have 60-80,000 thoughts every single day? Whether these are positive or pessimistic, that’s a lot of action going on between your ears’ that isn’t visible to the naked eye. If you’re like me it’s very easy to dwell on the negative sometimes. I’ve been noticing a tendency to worry lately, even though I’m well aware that worry doesn’t help any situation.

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My 4-Day ‘Dynamic Detox’ with CleanBreaks

Over the years I’ve done many different detoxes, including the ‘Master Cleanse’ (I lasted 3 days on essentially lemon juice and maple syrup), a 5-day juice and nut milk only detox (I lasted 3 days before I couldn’t face another liquid meal), colon cleanse powders, and various detox supplements. Nothing had any profound results other than making me utterly unbearable to be around.

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Reset & Recharge:A Retreat for Professional Yacht Crew

Working in the yachting industry can seem like an idyllic lifestyle to those on the outside. Living on peoples fancy boats, travelling to exotic locations chasing summer, and rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous is enviable to anyone, however we know the challenges and demands of the industry, the toll it takes on the crew, and how some can feel by the end of the season- run down, exhausted emotionally and physically.

The less glamorous side of yachting is why Coaching Palma and Sixth Sense Mallorca have joined forces to create the ultimate two-day retreat specifically tailored for professional yacht crew. From the 11th to the 13th of October join Sabrina (Coaching Palma), and Morgane (Sixth Sense Mallorca) to unwind after a busy season with their combined wellness, coaching, and yoga retreat surrounded by nature in a beautiful 17th-century finca in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains of Mallorca.

Mental and Physical

Mental health is becoming an increasingly important topic in yachting, which is why the retreat has a strong focus on the releasing of stress, emotions, and tension in your body emotionally through coaching techniques, as well as physically through yoga. You will then be refueled with positivity and some quality time amongst a small group of likeminded others.

Coaching with Sabrina will help you find your calmness, learn tools to reduce stress and negative thought patterns, and recharge your batteries. Gain clarity about who you are and what you want in your career and life with
additional personal coaching sessions available to go even deeper with your journey to reset and recharge.

Connect your body and mind through yoga with Morgane and experience the benefits of finding space and time to dedicate to yourself.

Sabrina – Coaching Palma

Sabrina is a certified Coach under the International Coaching Federation and holding her second year of PCC with +800 hours of coaching practice. She understands the demands and sacrifices of the yachting industry being a partner of a ”yachtie” for 10 years and having many friends that come and go. In her coaching practice she’s seeing more and more yacht crew who would like help coping with the demands, stress and intensity of the profession. Sabrina’s style is open, practical and all about authenticity. She wants to connect with who you are, what works for you and what you want from life.

Morgane – Sixth Sense Mallorca

Morgane is no stranger to the yachting industry having worked on yachts for 18 years, from small sailing boats to large super-yachts including managing an interior team. Having experienced the intensity of the industry with back-to-back seasons, discovering and incorporating yoga into her life in 2002 had a profound effect on her wellbeing, which she’s passionate about sharing with others. “I have always felt that yacht crew needed more attention and self care than they were getting. Often pushed to their limits with minimal time to recover, I strongly believe there is much I can accomplish with them through yoga practice. My ultimate goal is to help my peers now that I have stepped ashore. It is time for me to take care of those that are normally caring for everyone else.”


The retreat will be hosted in the stunning finca Son Salas, surrounded by 50 acres of nature, ancient olive trees, almond and orange groves, beautiful gardens, and the relaxing scent of jasmine, lavender and rosemary in the air. The 17th century finca, once an olive oil farm, has been lovingly restored, cherishing its important history and personal story.

Sabrina and Morgane have chosen Son Salas for its beauty and magic energy and the space it gives you to have time to yourself, walk around, read a book under an ancient olive tree, sit by the fireplace, lounge by the pool, play tennis…the possibilities are endless!

What’s Included

  • You will spend two nights in beautiful spacious rooms with en-suite bathrooms and locally-made organic toiletries
  • Daily coaching sessions
  • Daily yoga practice (suitable for all levels)
  • Yoga mats and props
  • All meals based on seasonal vegetarian produce made with love by chef Francesco
  • Generous supply of fruit, herbal teas and nuts
  • Daily housekeeping service
  • Towels for the pool
  • Relaxing time at the property – all access to gardens, lounges and pool
for walking, swimming, dreaming, reading, meditating
  • WiFi (if you are really craving it!)
  • Massages available on request

Why not start your next season fresh, stress-free and rejuvenated, having spent some enriching time on yourself? This could be the perfect mini-break from everything.

Bookings can be made by contacting Coaching Palma or Sixth Sense Mallorca directly:

Sabrina – sabrina@coachingpalma.com | +34 605 297 900

Morgane – sixthsensemallorca@gmail.com | + 34 693 010 407

Prices are 675€ per person for shared accommodation – based on double occupancy (bring a friend or make a new one!) or 845€ per person for private accommodation. Spaces are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment.


Quote NOURISH when you book to receive 10% off  until the new moon on the 28th of September. You will also recieve an additional 30 minute private coaching or yoga session.

Hello September!

For us here at Nourish September is one of our favourite months on the island. A reprieve from the scorching temperatures of July and August, yet still warm enough for ocean dips and al fresco dining. September is the perfect time to head to the beaches and picturesque spots to enjoy the sunshine without the summer crowds.


Have you been to Temple in Santa Catalina yet? If not, you’re missing out! This gorgeous café specialises in healthy plant based food that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Try a delicious energising acai bowl, a toast loaded with delectable goodies, homemade tarts and quiches, or perhaps one of their drool worthy vegan beyond burgers. Once your hunger is satiated peruse their spiritual boutique where you will find all sorts of wonderful things such as white sage smudge sticks, the Dr Bronners range of organic personal care products, coconut bowls, curcuma soaps, crystals and much more.


This time of year means the fig trees are laden and we couldn’t be happier. These jewel like fruits can be eaten fresh, cooked, peeled, or un­peeled – whatever your preference! One of our favourite ways to enjoy figs is to stuff them with goats cheese and wal­nuts, then drizzle with honey and bal­samic (Nourish loves local Mallorcan artisan honey from Mel Vici, or Caramel Ecològica de Mallorca), and cook at 200 de­grees for about 10 to 12 minutes. Delicioso! As well as being absolutely delectable, figs also pack a health punch being rich in min­er­als in­clud­ing po­tassium, cal­cium, mag­nesium, iron and cop­per, and are a good source of an­ti­ox­id­ant vit­am­ins A, E and K, plus nat­ural sug­ars and sol­uble fibre. Figs also con­tain pre­b­i­ot­ics, which helps sup­port the pre-ex­ist­ing good bac­teria in the gut and are a good source of cal­cium.


If you love yoga and love being out on the water then you should definitely give SUP yoga a try while the weather’s still warm. Our Yoga Mind duo Lilla and Peter are running SUP Yoga classes every Wednesday at 9am and Friday at 7pm at Palmanova Beach throughout September and October. The €35 fee includes a 1.5 hour SUP Yoga session, followed by a refreshing beverage at meeting point Key West Beach Bar (Carrer Martin Ros Garcia, 6). Spaces are limited so reservations are required. Book by popping into Key West, or contact Our Yoga Mind directly at ouryogamind@gmail.com, or on +34 644 788 572.


We look forward to the first Thursday of every month when mymuybueno Deli hosts their ‘Women in Business Breakfast’. A chance to network with likeminded businesswomen on the island and hear from inspiring guest speakers, this month Eli Bozzolini from locally made, sustainable, slow-fashion label Sunvibes will share her journey as a woman in business. This months topic is ‘Instagram vs. Reality’. Head along and hear Eli share her experience and tools on how to use Instagram to boot your inspiration, connect, and feel more empowered. Please arrive at the deli for 8.30am to get your name badge, order breakfast and head inside.


Having laser focus and ambition when in comes to work and career is great, but we equally need our downtime to relax and recuperate. Escapada’s Health & Healing Escape from 8-12 November fits the bill perfectly for this. This all-inclusive retreat for women of all ages will be focusing on natural treatments, nourishing food, mindful movement, and mental and physical wellness. Celebrating women of all ages and stages of life you will be pampered 24/7 to make sure you fully unwind and relax, receiving all the care & attention you need.

Bookings are now also open for their upcoming Winter Immunity Boost retreat. This 4-day retreat from 13-17 November is aimed to reboot your body, reset your mind and get you ready for winter ahead. From Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic treatments to roaring fire yoga, Escapada promises an escape designed exactly for your body and its needs.

Bring a friend and quote ‘Nourish’ to receive 15% off a shared room at either of these retreats! Contact Escapada at info@escapadaretreat.com to reserve your place.


Mental health and self-care are increasingly important topics in the yachting industry. With so many yachties living on our beautiful island, Coaching Palma and Sixth Sense Mallorca have joined forces to create a ‘Reset & Recharge’ retreat for professional yacht crew that will run from 11-13 October. Unwind after a busy season with this combined wellness, coaching, and yoga retreat surrounded by nature in a beautiful 17th-century finca in the middle of the Tramuntana Mountains. Imagine starting your next season fresh, stress-free and rejuvenated. Find out more or make your booking by contacting Sabrina at sabrina@coachingpalma.com or on +34 605 297 900, or Morgane at sixthsensemallorca@gmail.com or + 34 693 010 407. Prices are 675€ per person for shared accommodation – based on double occupancy (bring a friend or make a new one!), or 845€ per person for private accommodation.

Those that are short of time but are still in need of a little bit of TLC can head to our favourite city Spa, Bikini Beach Boutique and Spa. Check out, enjoy and don´t miss out on their generous September offers!

Wishing you a sensational September,

Love The Nourish Team.x