Kids In The Kitchen

More and more my children are taking an interest in cooking in the kitchen. My seven year old likes to lend a hand, particularly when there is an electronic gadget involved whether it’s mixing, grating or nutri-bulleting – the noisier the better. And my five year old daughter doesn’t want to miss out either and grates carrots and potatoes beyond their first skin…but that’s OK – she’s very happy doing this task and proud when there’s nothing more to grate (literally nothing!) They both desperately want to be able to do the things that I do. So I say yes when I can to things they can do since driving is out of the question…What is a chore to me is a game to them because it’s a new experience.

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Spartan Race Mallorca 2019

The Spartan Sprint: It’s our shortest race. It is perfect for athletes of all levels; from first-time Spartans to regular runners. This 5km Sprint may be the shortest distance, but includes 20 of our most representative obstacles. If you think you can’t do it, you’re wrong! Come to the starting line to see what you are capable of. Be prepared for the unexpected.  Continue Reading…

New Year Nourishment

When it comes to detoxing after the holidays it is important to include foods into your diet that keep you feeling full but also support the liver, and are rich in amino-acids and vital nutrients. Try this very simple warming, cleansing and tasty meal.

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the Duke banner

Riding The Healthy Wave at The Duke

“It feels as though the beach should be right outside,” The Boss said wistfully, gazing around the interior of The Duke restaurant. At least twenty-five years have passed since my husband donned his wetsuit to ride the Cornish waves with his sons but, like any serious surfing fan, he knows the significance of this eatery’s name. When keen surfers and world travellers Ronnie and Juanjo opened the place in Santa Catalina in 2009, they named it after the legendary Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku.

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Nourish the Guide

Trail Running II CXM SERRA NORD 2019

Route of 44km and 1850m+ of positive altitude departing from Sóller, urban stretch to Biniaraix, GR221 to Font del Noguer (first supply), we will continue along GR221 (the channel, Coll dels Coloms, Font des Prat, Coll des Prat, Coll del Telègraf, Coll del Galileu, Houses Galileu snow, Voltes del Galileu, Son Masip, (Escorca car park), urban stretch of Escora and square, we will leave towards the GR221 (Refugi de Son Amer, Coll Pelat, Binifaldó, Muntanya, gravel), there we will continue by asphalt to the pine of Son Grua, section of Gr221 parallel to the torrent and local roads to Pollença, urban section to the main square of Pollença.
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Nourish The Guide

Hello 2019!

Whew – what a year it was! After some well deserved rest and family time many of us are enthusiastically (or not so enthusiastically) diving into 2019 with fresh resolve to adopt new healthy habits to kick off 2019. We’re so fortunate on our little island to have access to such a great community of therapists and practitioners to help us on our well-being journey, and Nourish is of course here to share them with you.


If adding more movement and perhaps shedding a few pounds is on your agenda for 2019 then you’re not alone. Resolutions based on exercise and eating seem to be perpetual and rarely achieved. What you need is someone in your corner who’s going to motivate you and hold you accountable when it all seems like a bit too much effort.

Cary’s of Bliss and Thrive is your ultimate wing woman. She offers both online and one-on-one fitness and weight loss coaching for women. An ex professional dancer and all round fitness enthusiast , her passion is getting you strong, fit and healthy, and lucky for us she’s as kind as she is determined!

If strength is your focus this year then meet Elspeth from Get Strong Performance. Elspeth believes strength and conditioning should not just be reserved for athletes, and Get Strong Performance brings the world’s best strength and performance equipment to Mallorca. Here you will be treated like an athlete in training, with programs backed by science to help you achieve your goals.


Who else loves to use the New Year as an excuse to hit the salon for a fresh look? Unfortunately most salons aren’t too worried about the cocktail of nasties in many of the haircare products they use, including sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, and synthetic colours and fragrances. That’s why we love Salon B in Portals Nous where Aveda products take centre stage. Nourish loves Aveda, and their commitment to using organic ingredients and Ayurvedic principles in developing their gorgeous range.


The beginning of another year can be daunting. We often choose this time to reflect on what we’ve achieved, where we want to be, and how we’re going to get there. Perhaps you feel trapped personally or professionally, have fears about moving forward, or are struggling to cope with life’s curveballs. A life coach is dedicated to helping you identify your blocks and goals, keep you on track, and cheer you on as you step by step make positive changes. Anne Nielsen from Green Apple Coaching has the tools and experience to get you out of that rut and make 2019 your best year yet.

If you’re keen on embracing some professional development this year then Sabrina from Coaching Palma is your go-to lady. She provides personal, team and business coaching to enable you to discover gaps, define targets and help you achieve your ambitions and full potential. Seeing people make progress and rise above circumstances and perceived barriers is Sabrina’s passion.


Partied hard this holiday season? Don’t worry; it’s not too late to jump on-board the next Nourish Me Juice Cleanse Retreat! Our first retreat of the year is a weekend retreat from Friday 1st February to Monday 4th February. The perfect antidote to all the holiday parties, our favourite wellbeing practitioners on the island will have you feeling renewed and ready to tackle the year ahead. We would love for you to join us! Find all of the juicy details here.

Wishing you a joyful January,

Love, The Nourish Team.x