Nutrition and Stress

The benefits of food and nutrition for stress relief

I previously explored how yoga and meditation could assist with stress reduction but another technique for controlling stress lies in the foods we eat. We must eat to stay alive and what we choose to put into our bodies for nourishment is up to us. Everything that enters our mouth –  food, drink, smoke and pills, can reduce or increase stress. We can consume nutrient rich foods or we can choose nutrient empty foods. We can create a balancing, calming or de-stressing effect or we can create an irritating, stimulating and stressful effect. The choice is ours.

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The benefits of yoga and meditation for stress reduction

The benefits of Yoga and Meditation for stress reduction

Stress is a major problem in the challenging, fast-paced and fast-changing times in which we live. Reducing stress will improve your mood, increase your energy, uplift your spirit and enable you to just feel good – this overview will show you how yoga and meditation can help you to reduce your stress levels and achieve a greater sense of well being.

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Woman running

Natural Running – learning to enjoy, not endure

Many people will tell you that running hurts, and they are right!

With reports stating that around 80% of runners will suffer from a running-related injury at some point, you could be forgiven for questioning whether running is something that people do as a form of punishment, to work off over indulgence, or to counterbalance being sedentary for much of their day. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

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View of Cala des Moro beach and its azure blue water

The benefits of salt water

The benefits of salt water – how can a swim in the sea boost your health? Here in Mallorca, we are fortunate to have a gorgeous expanse of ocean right on our doorstep and, thanks to a wonderful climate, we have the freedom to dip in for a swim or simply soak our feet at almost any time during the year

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