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Bring Your Soul

Kristina and Richard Lindström have a presence of peace. They seem to have something figured out that the rest of us struggle with – the keys to living a free and joyful life. Thankfully they’re dedicated to sharing their wisdom with us, and having a consultation with either of the duo in their specialist areas is guaranteed to leave you feeling renewed and inspired.

Reflexology Mallorca

Reflexology Mallorca

Touch is a powerful tool. It’s a fundamental aspect of human connection, communication, and even healing. Amanda from Reflexology Mallorca knows this well.

breath work Mallorca

Breathwork Mallorca

Seán, founder of Breathwork Mallorca, uses the power of Transformational Breath to stay healthy in body, mind and spirit.


Founder Hannah is on a mission to simplify sustainable living so that it is accessible to everyone. She created this platform to promote reusable and sustainable products as a path to reduced waste living.

Essential Oils for your health

E Oil Alchemy

Tash is passionate about helping people by educating and empowering them with natural health products.

PeopleTree Mallorca

Anna and Andy have created a unique retreat space available for full and half-day workshops and retreats, in a stunning location in the foothills of the Tramuntana mountains.

Running coach

Rebecca Lewis – Barefoot Mallorca

Rebecca´s aim is to help you move and connect to the body you live in. She has a passion for healthy living and the outdoors, especially Mallorca´s natural outdoor playground that she loves to share with others.