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Save The Med Foundation

A sun-kissed archipelago of islands and islets, the Balearic Islands are a Mediterranean mecca for sandy beaches and crystalline sea. But what happens when the problem of plastic pollution threatens the cleanliness and safety of our waters? When the negative human impact destroys our fragile marine ecosystems?

Wellness Coach

Caroline Diana Bobart

Are you struggling to move forward following a major life event?  Do past relationships or experiences affect your ability to create healthy, enjoyable new ones?

Vineyard in Mallorca


Whether you are a hotel or restaurant owner, socialite or simply a wine lover, Redivins is at your service. They sell wine to businesses, shops and private individuals in Mallorca and mainland Spain.

Let It Be Cosy

Let It Be Cosy

Let It Be Cosy is an online platform and community aimed at inspiring positive lifestyle habits, especially eating more plant-based foods.

Nourish The Guide

Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat

Tucked away in Mallorca’s beautiful countryside, the Cal Reiet Holistic Retreat in Santanyi is a magical place, where you can find inspiration, joy and harmony within.