Drinking safe water in Mallorca

Soulful Santanyi

Traveling further east, this month’s spotlight shines on a town known for it’s rich and lively Wednesday and Saturday markets – Santanyi. With many German café menus and staff, it would be easy to pass Santanyi off as a tourist town and miss out on it’s colourful artistic and cultural offerings.

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Porrerres Image

Positively Porreres

Named after the knight who reconquered it, Guillermo de Porrer, the village of Porreres was one of Mallorca’s most prosperous towns during the Middles Ages. Nestled in the agricultural region of Es Pla, visitors are often surprised to discover there are many gems to be found in Porreres including high quality dining that incorporates local specialities like apricots, almonds and wine.

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