Meet The Name Behind Nourish

A pair of trainers sits ready for action by the side of Violetta Painter’s bed in her Calvià home. For this former yachtie and founder of Nourish The Guide – an online portal to Majorca’s health, fitness, and nutrition resources – hiking is not just exercise, but also a therapy and way of supporting causes about which she’s passionate.

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Juicing With Nourish

A whole day without ‘proper’ food to chew? As someone who enjoys eating (and writing/broadcasting about food and restaurants), this prospect was somewhat daunting. But, like many of us, I was aware that fasting from time to time can be advantageous.

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5 Ways Reflexology can Help your Body

What is reflexology?

For thousands of years many cultures have considered the feet to be an important link to various organs and glands of the body, performing reflexology to treat many different afflictions and diseases. More than just a foot massage, reflexology involves applying pressure to certain points on the feet (or hands and ears) to activate the body’s own healing processes in different body zones.

So in what ways can reflexology benefit you? Here are a few reasons to book in a session (besides the allure of simply getting a good foot rub!)

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Where to ‘Retreat’ in Mallorca

Living on our beautiful island in the Mediterranean you’d think we have very little to stress about, but even here in Mallorca the daily grind can get the best of us!

What better way to find balance again then by taking part in a gorgeous retreat? The island has many on offer, and we’re excited to share some of Nourish’s favourites with you.

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Get your Juice Fix in Mallorca

We all now know that green equals good when it comes to what you put in your body, which is why the trend of drinking your greens in juice form has become so popular. Rich in antioxidants, your green juice habit will have your energy levels up and your skin glowing in no time. Lucky for us on Mallorca we have some amazing juice bars and eateries that serve up these healthy concoctions, and also manage to make them taste delicious!

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Mila.J & Co

Meeting Mila.J & Co

After instantly falling in love with our pair of Mila.J leggings, we were intrigued to meet and find out more about creator Samantha Broughton’s ultra-cool, comfortable and inspiring new clothing brand.

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Simple Smart Food Bar

Not Just Another Juice Bar

It’s true that the smartest solution to a challenge is often the simplest. If your challenge is finding something fresh, healthy, and sustaining when you’re out – without visiting a restaurant – Simple Smart Food lives up to its name.

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Get Your Satisfaction at Santosha

Mallorca has claimed the hearts of many people who had chosen a nautical career.  Former superyacht captain Eran Gindi and his wife Ruth – who was a superyacht chef – are two of those; they came ashore to anchor themselves on this beautiful Mediterranean island and pursue their dream.

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mymuybueno Deli Display

A nourishing lunch at mymuybueno Deli

Pride, integrity, ambition, passion, and love. These words, in flowing script, are framed on the wall just inside mymuybueno Deli in Palma. Justine Murphy – this eatery’s dynamic English owner – lives and works by these values. They make a positive contribution to the experience of visiting this eatery, which opened in October 2017 to become the fifth division of Justine’s expanding mymuybueno company.

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